Lydia Jazvac grew up in Stoney Creek, a city just beside Hamilton, Ontario. She graduated from high school with honours in Fine Art. She Attended the fine arts program at McMaster
University and then transferred to Sheridan College to get her Advanced Diploma in Visual and
Creative Art. She then headed to Montreal, Quebec to attend Concordia University and 
graduated in April of 2014 with a degree in Fine Arts.

Lydia Jazvac is not one type of artist. She cannot be categorized in a particular group since she has a wide range of talent and love for many different forms of art. She mainly focusing on painting but also loves to draw and dose some graphic design work on the side. The only commonality in all her work is her realism

As a perfectionist, Jazvac grew up with the passion for realistic art. She constantly pays close attention to every detail in her work. She knew she wanted to be a painted when she was first introduced to oil paints. She started with oil and she has never really turned away from them. Her paintings are always realistic as she makes sure every part of her work is perfect. Her love for rap music and urban street life has given her the inspiration to turn her painting towards graffiti. Jazvac took a different approach to graffiti, painting it on canvases and incorporating oil paints.

Being independent, Jazvac self taught herself Photoshop in high school wishing to pursue her graphic design dreams. She continued to teach herself both InDesign and Illustrator. Her passion for design can be seen throughout all her work. She incorporates a lot of photo manipulation into her work. She currently works in Hamilton, Ontario as a Graphic Designer for Niko Apparel Systems.

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